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Welcome to the home of Ankokas of AACA...

29th Annual Haddonfield Show
Saturday September 19, 2015 will be our 29th annual Haddonfield Auto Show on Kings Highway. Historic Haddonfield is the proper setting for historic automobiles. The show field is the length of Kings Highway from Haddon Ave. to the PATCO Speedline. Come and see some of the finest cars you won't see anywhere else. Click the link to our Calendar to download a registration form to enter your car.

Ankokas Car of the Month

This month we are featuring Sam Mento and his award winning 1966 Mercury Comet Cyclone GT. Sam's love for the Cyclone started when he met his wife Barbara in a midnight blue '66 Cyclone in the summer of 1966. As Sam went off to basic training, it was Barbara who raced the car more than he did. Sam bought his current Cyclone 10 years ago in Florida, drove it a lot and started taking it to shows. Sam met Joe Vicini who suggested that with a little work, the car could be an AACA show winner. That was the inspiration Sam needed. He started by detailing the 390 cu. in. V8 engine and replaced the radial tires with a fresh set of correct bias ply tires and GT wheel covers. Sam then set out to get the burgundy paint perfect with some help from his friend Johnny Scola at Jonco Collision Repair. Sam later found another Cyclone in the middle of a field with a tree growing through the roof, but was able to salvage some good parts, including the whole rear axle. He replaced the disk brakes with the correct drum set-up, added his posi-traction rear end, and headed off to the show field. Sam got his first Junior award at Virginia Beach in 2009 and his Senior award in Hershey PA. In 2010, the car earned it's first Grand National award in Kalamazoo, MI, Senior Grand National in Topeka, KS, has gone on to receive two Senior Grand National repeat awards, and nominated three times for National awards in the High Performance category. Sam's Cyclone continues to receive AACA Preservation awards, most recently returning to Virginia Beach, VA in May 2015.

Sam says 'The car is very fast, but unfortunately to have a Grand National car you can't drive it. In all reality it is a display car. It's not a trailer queen, it's a trailer King'.

To have your car featured as Car of the Month, send a photograph and story about you and your car to See you on the road.

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